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Create your own new jacket, to your own idea or design.

With your own texts and / or logos.

Material of the jacket is viscose silk. All logos and text are embroidered!

For all own logos and logos who are not in our database a single production design of the logo must be made (for the embroidery machine).
Therefore are single costs upward of $ 40.00. Thereafter, we will charge the same price for each jacket.
Usually this will be the standard price.

Existing logos in our database are FREE, if not too much.
Text with “normal” font "Arial" (1 color) is basically FREE, if not too much.
All "normal" colors are possible and FREE till maximum 2 color-combination for the basic-color of the jacket.



I like to help you to create your design ... FREE.
Let me know the following by mail:
-Basic-color or color-combination of the jacket.
-Texts and / or logos (+ their color).
-Where on the jacket ... small or large.
-Describe the texts exact (with or without Capitals).
-Please enclose ... good, clear and large images from the logos.
-The correct size.


Standard prices! of the jackets are (including shipping):
Only the first design jacket will cost extra ... only once + $ 30.00
                After that each jacket (standard model) cost:
Child Sizes: = $ 178.00
Standard men's sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL): $ 190.00
Large men's sizes: [3XL = $ 208.00] - [4XL = $ 226.00] - [5XL = $ 244.00] - [6XL = $ 262.00]
Super men's sizes: [7XL = $ 292.00] - [8XL = $ 322.00] - [9XL = $ 352.00] - [10XL = $ 382.00]



Mail me and tell me your wishes !

Or mail to:

Best regards,

Easy Rider Fashion