About Us



Nice to meet you.

My name is Johan, from The Netherlands.
My English is good but not perfect, please keep this in mind.

Easy Rider Fashion is managed by one person only.

It is not a "normal" store, where you can go to. But what only "online" can be visited.


I will try to explain how it is done:

I manage the entire online shop, such as e-mail and payments.

The clothes will be made after if the payment is done ... and are TOP quality.

And after the clothing is ready (3 to 7 workdays), it will directly sent to you by the supplier / manufacturer.

Production of the articles takes place in East Asia.

Therefore there is a minimal delivery time of 5 days.

More details about the delivery can be found at: Shipping + Cost  


Because there is no stock, no middlemen and no further unnecessary costs, we have these reasonable prices.

This system is developed to deliver clothing and other products at the lowest possible prices. Directly from the Supplier / Producer.

All jackets are handmade. That's why is there is a limited production capacity of 5 to 8 jackets per day.


If you are interested or have questions, it will be my pleasure to serve you.



Kind regards,