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Production, shipping, delivery + cost



Clothing is not in stock and will be specially made for you at the time the payment is done.

For payment information see Terms and Conditions.

It will take 2 to 5 workdays to make the clothes, and it will directly sent to you by the supplier/manufacturer.

Production of all articles takes place in Asia. Shipping is worldwide at same cost!
All standard prices are in US dollar.
All payments can be made in other currencies. Choose therefor the appropriate currency icon.
Any additional bank transfer charges are completely at your expense.


Busy December month.

In December it is both here and at shipping companies very busy.
Your order may therefore be delayed.
So if you want to receive articles in the month of December, then make an order well in advance.


Delivery methods:

The shipping method “DHL Global Mail” can delay.

Guaranteed delivery up to 4 days after shipment?


Delivery method: DHL Global Mail

Delivery time: *
After order + payment: 7 to 16 days (production + delivery time). Depending how busy it is.
Delivery time: 4 till 9 days after dispatch *

Extra service: TRACK & TRACE (after dispatch) by:


Delivery method: DHL EXPRESS (Super Fast Delivery)
Will be processed preferentially.

Delivery time: *
After order + payment: 5 to 11 days (production + delivery time). Depending how busy it is.
Very fast delivery 2 till 4 days after dispatch *
Extra service: TRACK & TRACE (after dispatch) by: WWW.DHL.COM


Delivery Method: Priority Air (Only for Motorbike Parts)

Delivery time: *
After order + payment: 10 to 17 days. Depending how busy it is.. *
Delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks after shipment (delay possible).*
Extra service: TRACK & TRACE (after shipment)


All shipments are registered and can be traced by us.


Shipping costs:

All prices from items (send by DHL Global Mail) are including shipping costs.

DHL Global Mail for most country's there is a small price-difference.
Therefore is the calculation worldwide an average amount of $ 55.00
The higher the weight, the higher these costs will be. Therefore, these costs are calculated per jacket. **


Cash on delivery:

Cash on delivery is not supplied.

Clothing is not in stock and must also be prepaid by us, to the supplier / manufacturer.

If the package will be refused, there are already production costs and than we can not maintain this system.

For more information see: About Us


Exchange is possible. See:Terms and Conditions


For packages with a larger value, import tax and/or VAT may have to be paid.
All these possible additional costs are entirely at your expense..


* Delivery times are estimated. We are not responsible if this differs.

** The average weight of all standard size jackets + packaging = approximately around 1 Kilogram.

EMS: Super fast. Surcharge $ 13.40 (from +453 grams, for USA  only)