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Cool looking jackets in Top Quality.

All jackets can be made, by own design or idea !!!

For all new logos that are not in our database, a single production design of the logo must be made (for the embroidery machine).
There are single costs from $ 40.00. Thereafter, we will charge the standard price for each garment.
Existing logos in our database are FREE.


Online Jackets:

When ordering, all jackets will be made NEW for you.
Therefore there is a limited production capacity of 5 to 8 jackets per day.

An additional (own) name in "Arial" font (1 color), can be stitched from $ 11.00 (small) or $ 21.00 (big)

Change to another "normal" color is FREE.

Remove certain logos or text is FREE.


Material of the jacket is viscose silk (textile; synthetic). Windproof and water repellent. Washing maximum 40° C (100° F). All logos and text are embroidered!


Shirts (not T-shirts):

It is also possible to make shirts with short or long sleeves, of course with all known logos and text, like the jackets.

These are relatively expensive. Material from shirts is cotton or silk.

Shirts can also be made, by own design or idea!


Because prices are all competitively priced, we we can not give any discount.
Discount is eventually possible only on the shipping costs, from 10 jackets.



Child size Age Foreign
104 98/104 3-4 year Child S
116 110/116 5-6 year Child M
128 122/128 7-8 year Child L
140 134/140 9-10 year Child XL
152 146/152 11-12 year Child XXL
164 158/164 MEN Size S MEN Size S
176 170/176 MEN Size M MEN Size M




All sizes fit normal.

Size chart:

TIP: If you are not sure of the correct size, measure your chest (at nipple height) and compare it with the sizes in the size chart, below: BODY - CHEST